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YouTube Marketing Tutorial and Help Masterclass – Q&A on YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO

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YouTube Marketing Tutorial and Help Masterclass – Q&A on YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO

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YouTube Marketing Tutorial and Help Masterclass – Q&A on YouTube marketing and YouTube SEO

With a combined 50+ years working on marketing and advertising projects for their own brands as well as clients Andy, Simon and Vince have been working hard over the last 3 years to transpose their IDAR system onto YouTube, we then produced our series of YouTube tutorials with the aim of helping brands grow their channels and learn how to best use marketing and advertising on YouTube.

In Q4 of 2020, one client of @s media Agency achieved a 25,000% ROI with sales exceeding £1M off a spend of just £4,000 by using YouTube ads – yes this was the most incredible result we have seen to date, but simply employing some of the things the guys talk about in this video helped that result come to life. He’d first seen some of our YouTube tutorial videos and reached out for help with his channel, which lead to us running ads and ranking his videos at the top of YouTube, leading to such an amazing result.

In this tutorial video we answer some of the most common questions clients ask us about running and growing their YouTube channels, so we put together what we are calling the YouTube tutorial and help Masterclass Q&A on YouTube marketing. We talk through ranking videos in YouTube search – YouTube SEO, monetizing your channel, how to gain subscribers the right way, what content works and what doesn’t. Plus a whole load more.

Hopefully, our YouTube marketing masterclass and tutorial will give you food for thought, oh and if you want to rank your videos at the top of a search on YouTube and get listed in the suggested videos section of YouTube please get in touch – we are typically able to rank videos within 24 hours of then being uploaded. n.b. if you do want help ranking your video at the top of YouTube then it needs to be a new video, we can’t, unfortunately, guarantee rankings on videos that are already uploaded to your channel as we need to do several things to the video before it is uploaded and made public.

00:00 Intro
00:21 – How do I get 1000 subscribers on YouTube fast?
02:04 – How do I monetize my YouTube channel?
03:25 – How do I get more subscribers for free?
05:09 – How do I get fake subscribers?
06:21 – Can I buy fake subscribers?
06:39 – Why shouldn’t you use fake subscribers?
07:49 – What’s the best way to get subscribers on my YouTube channel?
08:53 – Why does it take so long to get subscribers on YouTube?
11:23 – Is channel engagement rate important?
12:30 – How do I find out how many people are watching my channel?
14:15 – What is YouTube marketing?
17:14 – How do I use YouTube marketing?
17:57 – Is YouTube good for marketing?
19:31 – How do I use YouTube marketing for my business?
22:38 – Is YouTube effective for marketing?
24:57 – What are the benefits of using YouTube?
29:55 – Should I use a specialist YouTube ads agency?
32:01 – Can I set up a YouTube marketing campaign myself?
34:55 – Why don’t many people use YouTube advertising yet?
37:48 – How is YouTube advertising going to affect the marketing industry this year?
38:07 – Are lots of businesses moving from Facebook to YouTube advertising?
42:04 – YouTube marketing and advertising strategy, who’s the best?
44:56 – Can you advertise a product on YouTube?
46:06 – How many views do you need to put ads on your YouTube videos?
46:41 – How do I advertise a product on YouTube?
48:34 – What are the different types of ads on YouTube?
50:47 – What audience should I use to advertise my product on YouTube?
53:32 – Is it a good idea to work with YouTube influencers?
57:09 – What products work best with YouTube advertising?
59:56 – Which industries use YouTube advertising the most?
1:01:34 – How do I build an audience on YouTube for my product?
1:03:01 – You only pay when people watch your videos, is that right?
1:05:05 – Can someone buy my product when they see it on YouTube?


Watch out for more YouTube advice and our tutorial series, marketing, and advertising tips along with many more of our Q&A videos over the coming weeks. If you enjoyed the video please subscribe!

If you’ve got any other questions or topics you’d like the guys to cover in subsequent masterclasses and tutorial videos then please do fire them over or comment on the video and we will do our best to answer all the questions you might have around digital marketing, advertising, anything YouTube SEO or YouTube marketing, frankly ask us anything!

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