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ZERO Sales for 8 Months (How SamCart Changed Everything)

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ZERO Sales for 8 Months (How SamCart Changed Everything)

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00:00 – Michael Gebben’s Welcome
01:10 – Remiah’s 1st Attempt at SamCart
02:46 – What Clicked for Remiah?
06:13 – Using Subscription Saver­™
09:35 – Free vs. Paid Masterclass
10:43 – The 8-Month Gap
13:46 – Payment Options w/Clients
16:34 – Getting Traffic to my Page
19:19 – Remiah’s Social Media Strategy
21:33 – Giving Away My Secrets for FREE
26:06 – Repetition is What Wins
27:29 – SamCart is a No-brainer

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